The School has a well stocked library with a variety of fiction and non-fiction books on various subjects. There are story books available for all ages. Also, there is a separate Library for Nursery and Kindergarten Section.

Library Rules

The school's Library is open to all students from Class I onwards. All classes have one Library period per week. Students should observe the following rules:

  • Every student shall borrow and read books from the Library each month and should carry Library card.
  • Until the previously issued book is returned, students will not be eligible for a fresh issue.
  • Reference books are not for issue. These books can be read only in the Library.
  • If books are returned late without a valid reason, the borrowing facility will be withdrawn for a period of 4 weeks or more.
  • Books marked, disfigured, damaged or lost while in their possession will have to be replaced by the borrower, failing which their parents will be billed twice times as the cost of a replacement.
  • Students are not allowed to bring their personal books or belongings to the Library. However, School diary is allowed to record articles in the page called "Books I have read".